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How to Caption Posts on Instagram as a Wedding Professional

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

It happens. I am scrolling through my Instagram feed, I see a beautiful wedding portrait, I look to see where it is caption. No geotag. No hashtag! Aside from making my soul die a little inside, this also is totally stopping the benefits of Instagram in it's tracks!

If you are going to post on Instagram, we have to give it it's best chance, right? And when posting on Instagram, you have to view Instagram not just as a digital portfolio, but as a search engine. Because if no one can find you, what purpose will the image you posted serve?

Here is what you must include on your Instagram posts in order to get discovered by Brides and Grooms!

1. Geotags

Geotags are one of my favorite things to talk about when it comes to Instagram! The geotag is simply the LOCATION tag. Why is the location tag so important? Because Instagram users can search by location! I find this particularly important for Wedding Professionals, because it is not uncommon for Bride and Groom's to want to search what's happening at their venue for inspiration. If you have appeared at a venue, then their location feed is someplace you definitely want to be!

You can find the geotag when composing a post. If you don't see the place you are looking for, search for it! Even when I am posting in New York, I can find the geotags for locations across the country. You can search geotags simply by going to the search icon, and selecting "places." Type in a venue or location, and see what's happening there!

2. Hashtags

On Instagram, you are allotted up to 30 hashtags to use on each post. This basically means, you are allowed 30 search terms to link with your post! To not utilize them is a waste of potential reach, and is imperative when starting your account!

My rule of thumb? Take a few minutes to design a few hashtag sets that you can save in your phone notes for immediate use. Experiment with formulas, but I recommend having 10 location-specific tags (#longisland), 10 industry-specific tags (#theknot), and 10 location AND industry-specific tags (#longislandweddings).


This may seem obvious, but allow me to go a little deeper. The longer someone is on your post, the better, right? You want someone engaged with your content not only for you, but so Instagram sees the time being spent on your profile, and knows that you are an industry lead. This is why long-form captions are so popular now. Try telling your audience what went into the photo, the centerpiece, the ceremony, or whatever it is you may be sharing. Alternatively, you can caption about your packages or current offers. To encourage engagement, it is also recommended to post a question or an action. One example would be "What emoji does this photo make you feel? Comment below!"

If content creation is not your thing, consider purchasing my video course Chat GPT for Wedding Marketing. Additionally, you can visit our Packages page for other ways we can work together on your wedding marketing!

So go ahead and take on that Instagram world! I know you can do it!

Xo - I Do Wedding Marketing

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