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Podcast Sponsors

Thank you for supporting our podcast sponsors. When you purchase any of the below items, I Do Wedding Marketing receives a referral commission, which helps us to continue to produce this show!

Your Real Wedding Photos Club

A Photos + Videos Membership for Wedding Pros, subscribers receive 100 real, royalty-free wedding photos + 10 videos MONTHLY to their inbox to use for content and social media! 

Wedding Vendor Social Media Management
Wedding Pro Social Marketing

Brides to Booking

Brides to Bookings is the perfect sponsor for I Do Wedding Marketing, as it offers clients who cannot afford monthly social media management the tools to do it themselves! 

Brides to Bookings includes templates, forms, workbooks and videos to teach you how to tackle your social media. 

Wedding-Prenuers Content Club

Receive social media directives, templates and tips directly to your inbox each month!

Wedding Biz Marketing
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