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Marketing Specifically for Wedding


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The podcast is for wedding industry professionals who want to outsource or apply their own social media strategy.

I Do Wedding Marketing was created specifically with Wedding Professionals in mind.


My marketing career began with Print and Digital Media working in house for a group of Wedding Venues. The information I was able to find pertaining to marketing for wedding venues and vendors specifically was slim. With no expert resources at my disposal, I decided that I would have to become the expert! 

Doing Digital and Traditional Media and Marketing from the ground-up taught me what does and does not work for our industry, and sharing that information with others has become my passion.


Whether digital media, traditional marketing or platform-specific, I would love to discuss how I Do Wedding Marketing can assist and enhance your brand.  

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My name is Nina, and since the debut of AOL ("you've got mail!") when I was in 5th grade, I have grown in conjunction with Social Media trends--before that was even a term! 

My favorite past Social media platform is AIM, better known as AOL Instant Messenger. But G-Chat fits in it's place nicely!

Outside of weddings, I am a VERY passionate person and most of my passions are pretty nerdy. Professional Wrestling, Disney, The Golden Girls and my cat to name a few!

My current marketing obsession is Podcasts, as it is the perfect platform for multi-taskers such as myself to take in content. My current favorite podcasts are Glambition Radio, Disney Dish, Crime Junkie and Something to Wrestle With. (I told you I was a nerd!)

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