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5 Networking Groups and Opportunities for Wedding Professionals

Networking is an important aspect of marketing for any business, but particularly for wedding industry professionals.

As a matter of fact, it is beneficial for far more than just marketing. Networking has allowed me to create friendships in my business, meet mentors, and get advice that is either location or industry-specific.

Here is a list of five places wedding industry professionals can network.

Local Chapters: Yes!

Membership: Annual Fee

Features: Membership Directories, In-person events, Online workshops

Local Chapters: Yes! (The website does not currently feature a listing to local chapters. I recommend a Google or Facebook search to find yours!)

Membership: Free

Features: Based on each chapter/community. The Long Island chapter currently offers monthly online workshops and one monthly meet-up.

Local Chapters: Yes!

Membership: Annual Fee

Features: Education, Member Discounts, Membership Directories

Local Chapters: No, but does have local events

Membership: Annual Fee

Features: In-person events, Certifications, Membership Directories

Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Membership: Annual Fee

Features: In-person events, Hyperlocal marketing

While your local chamber of commerce may not seem wedding industry-specific, there are many benefits a wedding professional can receive! Listen to episode 104 of the I Do Wedding Marketing Podcast to hear my breakdown of the benefits.

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