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What you need in place BEFORE you start using Chat GPT as a business resource

Chat GPT has put AI into the spotlight, causing a blend of both relief and panic. I tend to lean more towards the relief side, and after reading this blog post or listening to the podcast version on Episode 94 of the I Do Wedding Marketing podcast you will hopefully feel the same.. Like any online tool there are ways to effectively use it. Just like I am able to use Social Media effectively by my signature processes and applications, the same is going to apply here for Chat GPT and AI. So here is my list of 5 things you need before you start using Chat GPT:

1. You need a brand identity. Chat GPT responds to your directives -- the more specific you are, the more accurate to your brand the results you get will be. This is where Chat GPT will not replace a brand designer, content writer or other human resources. If you haven’t done branding on your own or established a tone for your content yet, a professional can help. To figure out your brand identity take some time defining your service, your business and what you want couples to experience from it. One of my venues is all about exclusivity and luxury. That will result in a different tone than my venue that is about accessibility and do-it-yourself spaces. This will result in different prompts to Chat GPT.

2. This also leads to the next thing you need before you can effectively utilize Chat GPT and that is your ideal client avatar. If you want artificial intelligence to be able to craft an effective content calendar, then you’ve got to do some of the dirty work. You’ve got to let Chat GPT know who you are trying to attract. With the example I used above, for my accessible venue I may say “direct the content calendar towards a thrifty couple” or “explain why such-and-such venue is a great option for couples looking to add DIY elements to their wedding”.

3. An existing sales funnel. A content marketing plan done by an expert needs someplace to lead your audience, and this doesn’t change when you use a free resource like Chat GPT. Where do your leads go? Where are we directing clients? Let’s use the venue example again. One venue has a sales team that works on commission, so all leads go into the sales funnel on their website. When asking Chat GPT to create content I will ask it to include a directive to visit the venues website. For clients who don’t have that system, I can change it up. Maybe I want a directive for them to DM on Instagram, or follow for more content. What is the GOAL or funnel you are taking clients to?

4. Portfolio Content. Chat GPT can be an incredible resource for many things, including blog posts, social media content, video scripts, website content, e-mail blasts and more. In order to take advantage of it, you need the visuals to go along with it. For my long-term professionals, I cannot encourage you enough to get organized with your photos and videos. Having an organized drive of content will help you be able to promptly benefit from the content you are getting on ChatGPT. Don’t have content yet? Consider investing in a stock photo resource specific for the wedding industry. I use SEVERAL of these, yes SEVERAL. SourcedCo was generous enough to offer my listeners 15% off a LIFETIME membership – pay once, enjoy their library of over 4,000 images for life. The code is IDO15 and the link to Sourced Co is right here! If you are not ready to invest in photos, Canva and Unsplash are my favorite free resources.

5. Time. What?! I thought the point of Chat GPT was to save time?! While it still will save you time, you do need some time to review what Chat GPT is generating for you and modifying it to suit your brand best. Even with your brand identity and client avatar in the mix, Chat GPT can only offer so much without being a human who has experienced your venue. Review the content you receive, add SEO terms as needed and personalize it when and where you can to avoid a content strategy that will miss the mark.

This is a transcript of Episode 94 of the I Do Wedding Marketing Podcast. Listen to the podcast here and subscribe so you don't miss a future episode!

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