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Why I am Already Loving the Threads App (and you should too!)

When Threads launched this week, as a business owner and Social Media Manager I knew it was important for me to understand what this platform was going to be. What I didn't expect was not only that I would love it, but WHY I would.

"Another social media app?!" was the initial comment I heard from clients. doesn't really feel like "another" social media app. And that is the first reason why I love it.

Threads is connected to your Instagram Account

This means that your handle, your bio, your profile picture and most importantly your FOLLOWERS are connected to this app. You are not starting from 0. You will have the option to follow all of your current Instagram followers who have activated Threads, and the same applies for them. The sooner you set up your Threads account, the sooner they can start following you!

This eliminated the worry of trying to create a following out of nothing. All I had to do was set up my account and I already had 100 built-in followers! (Cheers to my early adapters!)

Threads is intended to be conversational

While it is still too early to know what it will become, presently it is a place for short-form conversation and sharing. Think Twitter, except integrated to your Instagram. As a millennial who loves her IG, I love this. Instead of needing a pretty curated image or Canva post, you can just cut to the caption. Except, the caption is more like a quirky inner-thought than a carefully crafted call to action.

Threads has built in "shareability"

You may have already seen it -- graphics on Instagram of someone's Threads post, with a cool Threads branded background. When you post on Threads, you get the option to share it on Instagram (as well as Twitter and other places!). Gone is the downloading posts from one platform to post it on another, creating extra steps. I can just immediately push my Threads post to Instagram. And since they are owned by the same company I do not have to worry about the branding or removing watermarks.

These are the three immediate reasons I am loving Threads! I am not including on my list the other reasons I like it, as they may be time sensitive. Threads is a smaller pond today, but that may quickly change. Threads is genuine today, but as the platform grows, that may too. Just because it is not Twitter it does not mean that cancel-culture, politics and other special media messes are exempt from Threads. But for now I am enjoying that I am not experiencing it on this platform!

Are you on Threads? You can find me at @idoweddingmarketing!

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