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Breaking Down the Truth Behind "Cheap Marketing" for your Wedding Business

I've seen it. As a small or local business it is not always natural to to put a high price-tag towards marketing.

This can especially be the case for those who have had long-standing wedding businesses who previously never had the expense of social media and digital marketing.

I am here to push you a little out of your comfort zone. Why? Because I believe that there comes a time when it costs you more to miss out on the good, proper marketing your business needs.

As a wedding industry specific social media expert I am often brought in AFTER the cheap marketing attempts failed. Here is what I have seen clients deal with after investing with cheap marketing:

  • Marketing that doesn't speak to their industry or brand.

  • Marketing that doesn't bring leads.

  • Short-term relationships with multiple marketing companies, further damaging their brand image and voice online.

  • Investments, even if "cheap", with no return.

  • Having a brand voice with no understanding behind the wedding or hospitality industry.

How can you avoid these mistakes while still working within a reasonable budget?

  • First, decide what that budget is. What is the ideal ROI? For my folks in the wedding industry, how many weddings would you feel comfortable booking to make that return?

  • Ask for referrals from people you trust and research some industry-specific marketing teams online. Do your research getting quotes and reviews from those you would consider working with.

  • Trust the process. You are in expert hands -- let the expert take you to the next level!

PSST! While I say trust the process, I don't mean blind trust. Stay informed in the industry by following reputable experts you trust. I recommend subscribing to the I Do Wedding Marketing podcast where you can listen to weekly episodes on the latest in the Wedding Social Media Marketing industry.

Want to talk together about how I Do Wedding Marketing can provide GOOD marketing for your wedding business? Contact us!

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