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E-Mail Marketing Must Do's for Wedding Professionals

E-Mail Marketing is, for me, the dark horse of Digital Marketing. While it may not have the pomp, circumstance and glamour social media platforms like Instagram have, it has the capability of increasing your client relationships and bookings.

If you don't have an e-mail list yet, then this list is easy for you: START ONE.

If you DO have a n e-mail list (hooray!) here are some suggestions to take your e-mail marketing to the next level--specific for Wedding Professionals!

Keep a separate e-mail list for your corporate clients.

Many wedding vendors are also corporate event vendors, especially during the off-season, which is conveniently the perfect time for Holiday Parties. I recommend that clients maintain a separate e-mail list for their corporate clients that can be utilized during the wedding off-season. It is always a good idea to remind your corporate contacts what you offer as many businesses will have reason to utilize DJs, event coordinators, venues and so forth during the school year and holiday season.

Don't be afraid to repurpose and resend--within a reasonable time frame!

As your e-mail list grows, your open rate may fluctuate--and that's NORMAL. I haven't received a 100% open rate on an e-mail since having more than just my family subscribe to an e-mail list. If you are doing an e-mail blast for an event, like a Bridal Showcase, follow up a few times, changing up the title as you go to remind your readers that the event is coming closer. However, I like to give AT LEAST a week between e-mails.

Have an e-mail template specifically for NEW subscribers/couples

Many vendors received a leads list from the venues they are affiliated with. I recommend vendors have a specific e-mail template for new couples that will introduce them to your service. When possible, tweak it by venue, so couples can see what you have done AT the place they are getting married.

If you are not receiving leads from a venue or collaborated vendor, you can still utilize this. You can use this e-mail template for couples you meet at showcases, or have it setup within your e-mail marketing provider to automatically send it to new subscribers to your e-mail list.

Learn from the best

In order to learn for the best, you have to be following them, right? Subscribe to vendors who inspire you, compete with you or who encourage you to be your best. See what others are doing and don't copy but compare. What can you offer that's comparable? What did they do right? What did they do wrong? How can you make a similar idea work for you? If I am really eager for inspiration, I will take inspiration from comparable vendors in different regions, so the personal competition factor will not be there, and I can allow myself to be strictly inspired.

If you don't have an e-mail list yet, and would benefit from a post on where to begin instead, let me know! If the need is there, I will compose that next!

Still looking for more? Contact me and we can arrange a coaching call to discuss ideas for your e-mail blasts, or whatever else you may be looking for.

As always, thanks for being here!

xo - I Do Wedding Marketing

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