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How Do Other Wedding Profiles Have Such Perfect Instagram Photos?

Pro-Tip: When you cant make everything seem perfect, utilize someone who can. Using professional stock photo services, especially as a non-photographer, has been a great resource for me! If you are not as skilled with an iphone, a camera or computer graphics, you may be feeling like I do. When I scroll past a profile with the perfect flat-lay image of a laptop, an opened (and full!) planner, little flowers and a saucer of tea, I imagine the poster painstakingly creating this setup, taking it's picture and uploading it like it's nothing.

But that is not always the case! For many (NOT all) the perfect Instagram, Facebook or website photo is just a stock-photo service away!

A stock photo site is a site that provides or sells professional images to be used commercially (check the terms and agreements!) Most come with different price options. Some may offer per photo, per photo-shoot, monthly, quarterly or annually. Annual is my favorite as a consistent poster, and it gives me access to the entire library of images a site has.

Read the site’s individual terms, as they may vary. I look for something I can use on multiple platforms and profiles if for client-work. If it’s just for me, then that isn’t a must-have.

This stock photo is from Her Creative Studio who excels in styled stock images for women in business (my interpretation, not necessarily theirs!). Feminine, professional and sophisticated is what comes to mind and I love using it for my @idoweddingmarketing posts.

Another newly developed stock site I recommend that is geared specifically towards wedding professionals is Pops of Pretty. This is great for wedding professionals who do not have a book of their own images to utilize yet.

Have you used paid-for stock images before? What have you enjoyed about the experience?

Let's talk more! Find me on Instagram at

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