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How to Post On Social Media to Book More Brides

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

Social Media is probably the most influential free marketing tool for Wedding Vendors today--second only to word of mouth. The more you know how to use social media, the more your wedding business can benefit from it.

Here is I Do Wedding Marketing's tips on posting on Social Media to book more Brides.

Your feed should serve as a digital snapshot of what you offer to your clients

1. A Digital Portfolio

Think of your website and online profiles as a digital portfolio. Seldom are the days where a bride is first hearing of your business through a Bridal Showcase or initial appointments. By the first inquiry, the modern couple has already researched your business online, and has decided that you have made the cut.

That means, to get those appointments, you want to have your online presence prepared at all times. Regardless of your service, posting photos and videos of your work is imperative! DJ? Post a short clip of you at work at a Wedding. Florist? Take snaps of your bouquets and centerpieces before they go off to the bride. (If you would like examples for your specific specialty, contact me!)

Your first impression with couples is no longer in person--it is online, on your social media profiles. Set your wedding business up for success by posting favorable images from your past weddings, events and jobs to serve as your digital portfolio for prospecting couples.

2. Testimonials

Eliminate a prospective client's need to search for your online reviews by posting your favorites (and of course, most favorable!).

Keep it simple by taking a picture of the thank you card or e-mail you received and posting it to your page!

Want to get fancy? Take an excerpt from a testimonial and turn it into a graphic, like I have done here!

3. Special Offers

To turn a passive follower into an active customer, I advise vendors to have offers that are exclusive for their social media followers. The incentive, paired with an end date, will add urgency to the customer--meaning it's time for them to send a DM, go to your website and inquire about your services for the deal!

Here's an example: the day I am posting this is National Donut Day (who knew?!). I advised one of my Wedding Planners that it was a great day to promote her Donut Wall (so trendy) but she took it a step further, offering couples the chance to get a FREE donut wall if they book her services by the end of the month. Score! Already, this post has warranted followers tagging friends to let them know about the deal. And that is what social media is all about!

4. Information

Since your online profile is like a digital portfolio, it is reasonable to remind your followers of what you offer. Take for instance our example from #3, the Wedding Planner who has her own Donut Wall. Who would assume THAT right off the bat?

This is a sample graphic I made that would showcase servicing Vow Renewals. Feel free to copy the image and use!

If you're a DJ who also takes photos, or a Wedding Venue who also hosts Bridal Showers, remind your followers! Remember, our goal is to book more clients, with more services and for more occasions. The more that is put out there, the most those odds are increased!

5. Inspiration

I am a Social Media Manager, which means I did not have a Donut Wall of my own to post for National Donut Day. So you know what I did? I shared the nicest post I could find from one of the industry's leaders, while tagging and crediting them as the original post creator.

It is okay to post what your brides COULD do, as opposed to exclusively what you have done before. Plus, every bride wants to reenact what they have seen on WeddingWire and in TheKnot Magazine, right?

Tip: When doing inspirational posts like this, I tend to share from industry leaders. If you want to share from someone locally, I advise posting something one of your collaborators has--perhaps a venue where you are recommended, or a vendor whom you regularly work with.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to target your Social Media posts to book more Brides.

Let us know how else we can serve you, and what else you would like to know about Social Media in the Wedding Industry!

Be Well!

xo I Do Wedding Marketing

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