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Keeping Up with Instagram Story Content Creation

Being on Instagram is easy--but keeping up with Instagram? Now that can be the tricky part! Instagram is consistently rolling out new features, that accounts are expected to keep up with to stay in the algorithm's favor.

While features such as IG TV are still finding their place, Instagram Stories have definitely lasted the test of time. Using the Instagram Story feature is important for a few reasons:

1. Being active on Instagram Stories keeps you in the algorithm's favor.

2. The longer a follower stays on your story or profile, the better! Instagram sees the time spent on your account, which helps it to grow on the platform.

3. It helps you reach more people in more ways! Instagram stories offer multiple features, such as polls, questions or simple photos to keep viewers engaged.

But how can we keep up with content?!

My favorite tactic for quick and easy Instagram Story content is sharing posts from your feed to your story. This can be done with your own post, or a post of someone else's.

Below an image on Instagram is a little arrow, that enables you to share a post. You can share it with an account OR share it to your Instagram story.

BOOM! Click the arrow and you've got yourself an Instagram story!

Even better? You can do this from other people's accounts too! It will post their image to your story--but viewer traffic may go to that person's account, and not yours. Which is why many accounts like to share their own post to their stories.

In my most recent YouTube Video, I discuss this in more detail with a tutorial. So check it out for more on this topic!

Thanks for checking out this post and video. Now get to your story sharing!

xO - I Do Wedding Marketing

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