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Quick Tips for Wedding Pros to BOOST Their Social Media Engagement

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

I just got off an exciting podcast interview with Ariel Thieken of I Do Design Studio, where the importance of blogging at least once a month came up.

Once a month?! I haven't blogged in 10 months!

My favorite excuse to give is that "the cobbler's son has no shoes." That is, the Social Media Manager's business gets updated last, and my clients come first. I decided today to switch up that narrative, and put my money where my mouth is. Today I posted a new podcast episode titled Quick Tricks to BOOST Your Social Media Engagement. Giving me the perfect opportunity to discuss it in a blog post today. Thanks for the inspo, Ariel!

Firstly, I say these are tricks, but they are more like TREATS. Easy and impactful. You can listen to the episode to get a long-form discussion on each of these suggestions.

Repurpose or create content in REELS format. Specifically in this I Do Wedding Marketing podcast episode I discuss created MEMES in Reels format. Meme Reels. I think we should call them Meels. Oh well.

You can do this on Canva, a free app that will help you resize files to be Instagram/Facebook reels size. You also can select GIFs to incorporate, images and so forth. I also have been resizing popular graphic posts I created on Canva in the past, and have been reformatting them to be Instagram Reels size, and reuploading them as reels. Pair any of the graphics you create with a trending audio, enticing caption and relevant hashtags and you are off to the races!

Respond to Instagram Stories. This can be responding to stories of professionals you'd like to work with. Couples you WILL be working with. And of course, future couples you'd LIKE to work with. When I am doing engagement and noticing an Instagram Story has been posted, I have been making an effort to reply to it. This is a genuine way to start messaging WITHOUT SELLING. As you message with another account, it will push YOUR profile up in their feed as well. WIN!

For the last tip, head over to my podcast, I Do Wedding Marketing Podcast, episode 28. And don't forget to leave a review while you are there!


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