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Schedule and Post on Instagram from Mobile and Desktop

If you have been following I Do Wedding Marketing, then you might have already gauged that Instagram is my favorite digital marketing resource. However, Instagram does have restrictions that make it less-user friendly from a business perspective. Instagram does not allow you to post from a desk-top computer and Instagram also does not allow you to schedule posts. As a Digital Marketing Manager, that is enough to drive me crazy!

In the past, workarounds for this issue were not reliable, as they interfered with Instagram's terms of use and risked one's account being seen as spam, or even worse, terminated. However, I was recently referred to my new favorite app by a reputable fellow Digital Marketer, @IGMSecrets, host of the Instagram Marketing Secrets Podcast. He introduced me to Apphi!

If you are running your own Instagram Business Account, Here Is Why You Need Apphi:

Post Scheduling

Presently, you can schedule posts for both Facebook and Instagram on Apphi. With a free subscription, you can post up to 10-times in one month, to one business page. See how you like it first before upgrading to your account. If you are posting for your own business page, the $10 a month package allows unlimited posts for one business account, which is all you need!

Post scheduling matters because it allows you to assign a time to post to your Instagram. Rather than feeling you have to do it in-the-moment, on the field while working, you can utilize your office hours to schedule the week's posts.

This feature alone was worth the $10 a month investment for my private account when I went on vacation, as I did not have to have my Instagram go on vacation with me! I was relaxing, but my page was still posting thanks to scheduling on Apphi! (Note: If you are a digital marketer looking to post for numerous accounts, pricing is a minimum of $30 monthly.)

Schedule to Instagram and Facebook

Apphi recently launched the capability to post to Facebook as well. Even more convenient is that it allows you to post the same image and caption to both platforms at once. Double the reach in the same amount of time!

Hashtag Help

Apphi offers hashtag searches, which I am always all about! This allows me to do searches for hash tags in the same place I am writing my post. This not only makes life easier, but allows my hashtags to relate more specifically to my post.

Easy to Follow Interface

In the mobile screenshot to the right you can see a glimpse of the Apphi interface. It is very straight-forward and is a program that social media beginners should not have a challenge learning.

Post From Your Desktop!

The $13 a month and up plans will allow you to schedule posts from your desktop as well. Where was this when I was working in-house?! If you maintain your social media from an office environment, or if your database of photos is on your computer, than this investment will save you time and effort! This option is NOT available on the free plan!

Repost and Search!

You won't need a separate app taking up space on your phone for reposting if you have Apphi, as it can do that too! It will recognize the copied link, and automate the repost for you. Additionally, Apphi allows you to search for relevant content that you can repost to your account as well.

The two most important things when posting on Instagram are to post consistently and to target your audience, and the Apphi app assists users with that!

Because I have been using Apphi so long and am a paid user, they provided me with a referral link that will give you 10% off when you sign up for a paid subscription level!

Use this link to receive 10% off!

If you use this app, let me know how it improves your business!

xo - I Do Wedding Marketing

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