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The 5 I Do Wedding Marketing Podcast Episodes You MUST Listen To Before 2023

As 2022 comes to a close and you prepare for the new year to come, you may be looking for guidance on making this next year the best yet. This is a great time to figure out your 2023 goals, restrategize while you have some downtime (depending on your location), and get tips to be bigger and better than ever.

While the engagements are rolling in, take this time to 1) prepare your online presence for this upcoming group of couples and 2) optimize your digital presence to gain more reach and traction. Keep in mind that tese couples may be working with smaller budgets and looking for more value so I've gathered my top 5 episodes to help you put your best foot forward in this highly competitive market we're in. You can listen to these episodes on the I Do Wedding Marketing Podcast or watch the video versions on our YouTube channel.

1. Episode 32 - Recession Proof Your Website | Interview with Ariel Thieken

In this episode, I sit down with Ariel Thieken of I Do Design Studio, who offers strategy-driven web design for the wedding industry. Now more than ever, this is a topic that all wedding professionals must be aware of. Many vendors are seeing a dip in bookings now that we're in the aftermath of the "post-pandemic" wedding boom. With that, the rising inflation, and an impending recession, now is the time to implement the tools to prepare for what's to come. We talk about website design, CRM tools, FAQs, reviews, and other factors you may not have considered yet.

2. Episode 38 - The Instagram Feature You're NOT Using -- But Should Be!

Are you familiar with the 'Collaboration Tool' on Instagram? If not, it's time to become acquainted. As a wedding professional, use this tool as a collaborative post to boost your reach & traction while gaining content that you don't always have to make! The post will show on both of your feeds and reduces the amount of work on both parties *chefs kiss*. It's great for bridal shows, styled shoots, mini shoots, and so much more.

3. Episode 44 - Let's Grow the E-Mail List for your Wedding Biz!

Learn about the beauty of email marketing and how to incentivize people to subscribe. I give you some fresh ideas to attract visitors and create value to keep them. People love freebies and relatable content that can benefit their lives! No matter what your specialty is, there are a lot of visually exciting ways to grab their attention and make your emails worth opening.

4. Episode 56 - Write an Instagram Bio That Attracts Brides and Grooms!

Your IG bio is your online elevator pitch. In this episode, we'll discuss your Instagram handle & name, the relevance of each, and how to optimize them to lead your target audience to you. Learn about the importance of your bio content with tips to outline your services, location, and boost your credibility. I also give some ideas on making the best call-to-action to funnel visiting couples! A short but sweet guide to elevate your bio.

5. Episode 66 - What is UGC and Why Does Your Wedding Feed Need It?!

I discuss one of the easiest ways to get new content and engage with users! User-generated content is any content posted by clients, employees, and other vendors that you can share on your feed. It can be a key visualizing tool for potential clients while providing an insider look into what "could be" on their big day. It's also a great way to find out who was at the event, gain new content, and connect with new couples & vendors. The cross-marketing benefits ALONE are well worth it!

Each episode hits on a different but important topic that can greatly affect your business no matter which sector you're in. I work with all kinds of wedding professionals so this list has been curated to benefit you no matter what you do. I hope you take away all of the valuable tips I have to share and see great success after implementing them into your wedding business.

To discover more episodes of the I Do Wedding Marketing podcast, you can listen here.

What would you like to hear or learn in 2023 on the podcast? Let me know!

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