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What Problem Do You SOLVE for your Wedding Couples?

This blog post is a transcript from Episode 75 of the I Do Wedding Marketing podcast, "Enhance Your Marketing By Identifying the Problems You Solve for Couples!

Hello and welcome back to the I Do Wedding Marketing podcast! We are coming to you both traditionally through the podcast and on video through YouTube.

Regardless of HOW you are listening, I am so glad to have you here. If you missed us last week, Episode 74 was about the 7 things you need BEFORE you hire a social media manager. You may be surprised to hear that there are things I recommend you have in order before you outsource, but it is true. In order to get the most of your Social Media, some things need to already be in place, which you can hear all about on Episode or read the transcript on the I Do Wedding Marketing Blog.

But let’s get to today!

I am recording this on the second day of the year! It is January second, and with new year’s falling on a Sunday it feels like we have this bonus day off today, a Monday. It’s been a great day to leisurely schedule and look in to some material I’ve been meaning to post. Which is where I found this quote I previously saved:

"Marketing is the generous act of helping someone solve a problem. Their problem." - Seth Godin, This is Marketing – a book I highly recommend for better understanding sales and marketing.

I pulled the quote to use for a reel, and as I was writing the caption I said to myself, this is too big just for a post. We need to talk about this together on the podcast.

This is actually a great question to journal and brainstorm out, so I encourage you to grab a piece of paper or open the notepad on your phone. And based on Seth’s teachings, the question we are asking is “What is the problem you solve for your couples?”

Now I'd like to workshop with you some different, live examples we can do with this:


Not just: I help couples find a place to get married.

But: I help cost-conscious couples find a centrally located venue in the Montgomery area that can accommodate all of their guests without compromising on quality and style.

Now THAT’S a mission statement! These are of course examples I am pulling out of nowhere. You may not be for the cost-conscious couple and that’s okay. You are still solving a problem. For example,

“I help couples find an exclusive, luxurious venue to host their wedding that has not been seen before by their peers.”

Let’s go into some other wedding professions.


It’s not just “I help couples get more wedding day photos.” Instead, “I help couples capture all of their wedding guests in candid and fun fashions, while also offering a guest experience and entertainment.”

Identifying the problem you solve can also help you create your content. You are going to want to address these problem solving points through your captions, bio, website and so forth.

Let’s try a wedding planner.

It’s not just “I help couples plan their wedding.”

Let’s try “I help overwhelmed couples relax during their engagement by working with them to coordinate the wedding of their dreams.”

Fine tune this until it feels right for you and your brand.

For more examples, you can listen to the audio on this topic! The I Do Wedding Marketing podcast is available wherever you download your podcasts. Thank you for being here!

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