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What To Say When You Can't Give Your Brides and Grooms the Answers They Want

Not being able to give your booked Brides and Grooms the answers they want...this is a worry that has kept many of my clients up at night. The desire to help, the fear of backlash and the overall need to be there for your clients as much as possible makes this a particularly challenging time as a wedding professional.

Contracts are being questioned. Dates are changing. And in some cases, entire events are being canceled. How do you break the news when it pains you that you can’t give a couple the answer they’re looking for?

1. Open with understanding and gratitude. “I understand the challenges you’ve been facing right now as a couple.” “Thank you for reaching out to me as a part of your decision making during this time.” “I appreciate your entrusting me time be a part of your wedding and understand your current challenges.” Set the tone of professionalism and understanding.

2. Hit them with the news, the reality, the answer with a brief but concrete explanation. “Unfortunately I will not be able to honor the Thursday evening rate on a Saturday next June. I hope you will understand that our contract states XYZ.” “I understand your need to reschedule your event, though as agreed upon in our initial contract, the deposit is non-refundable.” When it comes to the reasoning, state the facts behind it with confidence and assurance. If you are not confident about your decision, I recommend reaching out to others in the industry before you decide. Hearing what others are doing, and specific examples of how they handled them may help you greatly! There are many Facebook groups online where professionals can have candid conversations like this that I recommend. (Feel free to message me for links!)

3. Close with honesty and kindness. “I truly enjoyed working with you and your partner and I will be happy to apply the balance to your new date or to another function.” “It was a pleasure working with you both thus far. I have many colleagues in the area who would love to work with a couple like you if you need any recommendations.” “I look forward to the possibility of continuing to work with you per our initial agreement and understand your wanting to explore your options.”

The only thing harder than giving the answer you don't want to give is waiting for the response. Remember, to keep your professionalism at the forefront. Couples are dealing with a whirlwind of emotions, and stress may come to the surface. Keep your cool with your couples, and then vent it out to your family, friends and peers who are available to be a listening ear. If not, I am here for you as well!

I hope these examples were helpful to you, as I know these are conversations no professional wants to have with their client! If you need any assistance, I am an email away!

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