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Where to Find Free Wedding Stock Photos

As a digital media manager, there are few things as satisfying as a quality stock photo. A stock photo is a professional photo licensed for commercial use. And a good stock photo? Well, that's something that can be used as a website banner, an Instagram post, a brochure image--the list goes on!

Why do you need stock photos? Stock photos are incredibly helpful if you do not have a portfolio of images that you own.

I once did digital media for a wedding venue that was redoing their website, and did not possess a single professional photo of their current property. Yikes! Stock photos helped me fill in a lot of visual space on their newly designed website as we waited to fill those slots with additional venue images.

Stock photos can be used for both print and digital advertising, as well as social media posts.

So here is the question of the hour. Where can you find wedding-related stock photos for free? I am so glad you asked! Here are several resources I have used throughout the years.!

Stock photo retrieved from


A quick search for the term "wedding" as of this publication date brings up over 1,000 images--and these are GOOD images! Additionally, they are free to use with no attribution required. That means, you do not need to provide credit when posting the image.


Unsplash credits itself as having over 850,000 free high-resolution photos that can be utilized by professionals. A quick search under relevant terms such as "bride" or "wedding" will lead you to a LARGE assortment of photos to choose from. Just click, and download!


Photo received from

Burst is a stock photo platform brought to us by Shopify. What is unique about Burst is that they also offer information geared at educating the budding business owners and entrepreneurs who utilize their service.

4. Reach out to photographers from past weddings.

Working with other vendors is one of the best parts about being in the wedding industry. After an event, reach out to the photographer and ask for access to the images taken, offering to credit them when sharing. Most photographers are happy to share their work, especially if you shout them out for it. Now not only have you enhanced a relationship with a vendor, but you have photos from events you have actually been a part of!

5. Photos from aspiring photographers.

If you don't have a book of photographers you have worked with yet, try connecting with aspiring photographers. Create connections on message boards, Craigslist, or Facebook groups and ask if anyone would be willing to share stock images in return for credit. Not only will you get photos, but perhaps you will end up with a long-standing contact in the business.

In this post we discussed what stock photos are, as well as where to get them. Stock photos can serve as both an easy and fruitful step in creating your social media presence as a wedding vendor. Cheers from here!

xO - I Do Wedding Marketing

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