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5 ChatGPT Prompts for Wedding Professionals

ChatGPT is a free (as of the time of this posting) artificial intelligence service taking the online world by storm. What is it? It's a communicative service where you insert a prompt, and it gives you a detailed, researched seconds.

What does this mean as a wedding professional? Well, the good news is that AI cannot replace what we can provide as far as events go. But it can make our lives a bit easier. Here are 5 prompts to get you started.

Remember -- the more detail you can provide, the most specific the answers will be, so these prompts are just a starting point. Also, the more you can personalize the responses the more genuine they will be for your couples.

💻 write a friendly follow-up e-mail to a couple who inquired about my [blank] wedding services

💻 what are five interesting linkedin captions i could have as a wedding professional

💻what are the biggest competitors for wedding [blank] in the [blank] area

💻 write a thank you e-mail to a couple whose wedding i performed at yesterday, asking them to kindly review my services

💻 what are the top 10 songs to play during a wedding cake cutting ceremony

Familiarizing yourself with AI services is not a bad thing and it will not replace your team, at least not for us wedding pros who require a personal touch when working events. I encourage wedding professionals to allow AI and ChatGPT to help you and your team to be more productive. I know I have and I have loved the helping hand and results!

Want more tips and discussion on digital and social media marketing for wedding professionals? Listen to the I Do Wedding Marketing podcast! Seeking something more personal for your business? Contact me to see how we can work together at I Do Wedding Marketing!

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