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How To Get Your Wedding Business Profile Favored by Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular free tools right now for Wedding Professionals. At I Do Wedding Marketing, our goal is to help our readers keep Instagram as a free resource. So how do you do it?

Don't overthink it--what's your favorite type of customer? One who uses all of your services, interacts with your profiles and supports your business, right? The same applies to Instagram! So how do we show Instagram that we are a kick-ass audience member to get in their good graces? Here are some free tips!

1. USE the platform!

The more you go to Starbucks, the more rewards points you are going to receive, right? The same applies for Instagram, except instead of redeemable points, you are getting favored in their algorithm. Algorithm? What does THAT mean?! An algorithm is the process behind the platform. Instagram favors users who use their platform. When you make your profile, don't just hit it and quit it--use it! What you save in money, you may have to spend in time. Take 10-20 minutes a day (I recommend at least 20) to use the Instagram app, and show your presence on the platform. The intention is that the more you utilize the app, the more Instagram will push your profile to potential audience members. Ideally, it'd be great for your profile to appear as a suggested profile, or as a trending post. The rest of the tips will let you know what to do while you are on there!

2. Comment and interact with other users.

I like to refer to this as a "give to receive" sort of method, or a "treat others how you would like to be treated." I'd like to receive an excessive amount of favorable comments all day long, so the least I can do is dish out some nice comments while doing my 20-minutes on the platform, right? Don't know what to look for? Search by location at a venue you would like to work at, or comment on the pages of vendors you admire. Make friends and connections! The takeaway is, Instagram likes to reward users who are using the platform, and that means liking and commenting on other people's posts.

Bonus Tip: During a past gig doing Social Media Management for a wedding venue, I would frequently receive comments on my posts from the same photo booth company. When it came time for the venue to add a photo booth company to their vendor list, can you guess who I suggested? Yep, that company, who was fresh on my mind from all of their comments. So not only are you gaining favor on Instagram, but you are also establishing future relationships. Winning!

3. Use ALL of Instagram's features!

The ideal client is someone who gets your biggest package, right? Same applies for Instagram--their favorite users are those who use their post feature, story feature, slideshow feature--and whatever else it is that IG may be rolling out that month! Using all of the features doesn't have to be overwhelming either.

Create your own rule of thumb, but here is one I like to go by:

Instagram Stories: I love using Instagram Stories when live at an event. It won't be on your profile forever, so it doesn't have to be perfectly framed or pretty. Just a post to show that you're getting that work in, doing what you do best--weddings and events! When not at an event, you can post other day-to-day activities, polls or Q&As!

Instagram Slideshows/Carousel Posts: When the event is over, and you have time to look through your best images from the day (or maybe photos from the photographer, as we mentioned getting in this post), pick up to 10 favorites and post them in a slideshow carousel post.

Bonus Tip: When posting images from an actual event, tag ALL the vendors who worked the event, as well as the Bride and Groom. This almost guarantees your post will be seen by those tagged, not to mention that they may share it with their audience too.

"Regular" Instagram Photo Posts: Day-to-Day posts can be your one-shot, regular Instagram photos! Simple, easy, fun!

4. Videos!

The longer a user is on Instagram, the more Instagram's ads will be seen. What does this mean? Videos will keep your users on your page for a longer period of time, which IG loves! Wedding trailers are great, or footage from an event. Just ask yourself--what will my audience want to see? This is also a great time to experiment with Instagram's latest feature, IGTV!

In this post we discussed 4 ways to encourage favor within Instagram's algorithm. With these tips, Instagram can be a fruitful and free resource for your wedding business. If you enjoyed this post, please share it!

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