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Instagram Reels and Vertical Video Prompts for Wedding Professionals

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It has become impossible to ignore the continued growth of vertical video content as a wedding professional.

From couples hiring wedding content creators to capture footage, to wedding professionals gaining online growth from TikToks and Reels, it is clear that the future is vertical and video! What does this mean for wedding professionals?

Incorporating vertical video into your marketing strategy is something every wedding professional should do. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and more are all catering to short-form, vertical video format. While editorial, professional images still show off your services, you can capture all audiences by changing up your content style.

Video content can include on-site footage, which means photos captured during the wedding, or during the creation process of your service. For example, a video decorating a cake. Additionally video content can include conversational footage. Such as answering questions, lip-synching a trending audio or sharing a tip. This blog post is going to focus on offering you prompts for conversational video tips.

Not sure what to talk about when creating vertical videos such as YouTube Shorts, Intsagram Reels, Instagram Stories or Pinterest Idea Pins for your wedding business? Read the below list of 15 prompts!

  • What is one thing you wish every couple knew before planning a wedding?

  • NO TALKING REQUIRED: Use the time-lapse feature on your phone's camera to record a time-lapse of yourself at work. Pair it later with a trending audio and text about your process.

  • Talk about your first client.

  • What is the craziest request you've ever received?

  • What is something you've seen that you wish you did (or will do) for your own wedding?

  • What does your average workday look like?

  • What jobs have you held outside of the wedding industry and how does it help you as a wedding professional?

  • How can couples make their wedding more interactive?

  • What are some ways to incorporate sustainability and eco-consciousness into a wedding?

  • Recommend must-see wedding venues for different categories in your area. Tag the venues for additional reach! (You can repeat this prompt with other wedding categories to spread the love to other professionals!)

  • What are some alternatives to traditional wedding traditions that couples can consider?

  • What are your thoughts on elopements and intimate weddings? Are they becoming more popular?

  • What is your favorite TV or movie wedding and why?

  • What do you wish more couples would consider doing for their weddings?

  • Answer some of your FAQs. Use this as a time to address your booking process, the best way for couples to be in touch or other elements of expectation management.

Are you ready to tackle your vertical video content? I can't wait to see what you do with these prompts. Share them with I Do Wedding Marketing on Instagram, TikTok or wherever you are posting so that we can support you!

Want to know how you are doing? Purchase an Instagram Audit from I Do Wedding Marketing today!

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