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Why Social Media Marketing is Ideal for Your Wedding Business

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

By now, everyone knows it is important to be on Social Media. But does everyone know why? Okay, it may feel like everyone knows. And it may feel like just knowing that everyone says to do it is enough. Let us not forget though, knowledge is power. The more you know regarding why you are using Social Media in lieu of conventional advertising, the more you stand to benefit from it.

So let's discuss. Why are we using Social Media as a platform to promote our wedding business?

1. You control your advertising budget. And yes, $0 counts.

With social media advertising, you are in total control of how much or how little you spend. And this isn't like a misleading "free trial" or the "lite version" of a paid-program. It is totally within reason to put in time over money when it comes to Social Media Marketing. ESPECIALLY on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Organic reach could become more challenging over time, which is why the SOONER you start, the BETTER.

Check out my past blog post on how to use Social Media to book more Brides and Grooms for more details!

2. The demographic is right where you need it to be.

In the wedding industry, we are typically pursuing a specific age range. While we of course encourage and welcome couples of all age ranges, supports that people in the United States of America on average are getting married between ages 25-30. (Check out that full article, as well as the average male and female age to be wed in each state here!

So how do social media platforms reach compare to a Wedding Vendor's target demographic:

81% of 18-29 year olds use Facebook per SproutSocial

64% of 18-29 year olds use Instagram per SproutSocial

40% of 18-29 year olds use Twitter per SproutSocial

That is reason enough for me to get my wedding vendors on those platforms!


Just like Ariel, you want to be where the people are. And the people are on Social Media. So don't linger under the sea, and allow yourself to be part of that world!

3. It is easily accessible.

One of the reason people are on Social Media so much is because it is literally at our fingertips! On our phones, on our computers at work, at home, on the go, Social Media is with us anyplace our phones and computers are. Which, I don't know about you, but for me, that's all the time. And those are odds I like.

Imagine--your ideal client can come across your post and profile literally at any time! No waiting for a scheduled commercial ad to air, or a publication to come out. As long as you have a profile on the platform, then you are accessible. Of course, knowledge is power here, which is why I have been loading this blog and my Instagram with tips and tricks to help you get found on Instagram, Facebook and Social Media. Let the fact that your profile is just an application away from your client's fingertips at all times motivate you to start rocking your social presence!

4. You can control what you post and when

Because social media is so accessible, it means that you can take control of what you are posting. You can decide what images of past weddings to share. You can decide what promotions to make public. And most importantly, you can control WHEN to post these things.

Bookings aren't where you thought they'd be for your Bridal Showcase next month? Send an e-mail blast! Just got a gorgeous wedding gown in, but you only have your cell phone to capture it? Showcase it on an Instagram story. Engagement season coming? Start regularly posting your favorite images that showcase your brand, and get your profile ready!

On Social media, you are in control. You can still take control if you hire an outside team member or business to do your social media. However, make sure they are crystal clear on your brand image and identity, and are prepared with portfolio images of your work.

5. Create connection before the engagement and after the Wedding

Let me speak from personal experience for a moment here. After my Wedding day, I became obsessed with my photographer. He kept me running on time. He made my family laugh when they were tired of taking photos. He even fought off an evil woman in the church who refused to let us take our portraits, but that's a whole other story. My photographer was there for me on the most important day of my life. And I graciously follow him offering the same for other people. Even more? I want him to be there for other people's important moments of their lives.

Before the wedding, I dutifully followed his posts, and fan-girled a little when he liked mine, remarking to myself that I was clearly his favorite bride. I mean, clearly, right? So even before he saved my wedding (dramatic), a connection was made. A connection that could not have been made without Social Media. Unless of course, he found a way to magically appear to laugh at all my jokes or give me a thumbs up when I decide on my "OOTD" (outfit of the day, for my non-Instagram addicts.).

Get to know your couples. Get to know prospective couples. Invest in your audience, and leave the door open for them to invest back in you. If it feels awkward, start small. Like photos, or leave an occasional comment and see if you get more comfortable!

Those are five reasons as to why Social Media Marketing is ideal for Wedding Professionals. Be sure to send me a message on Instagram at if there is a specific topic you would like to learn more about!

Until then, happy booking!

-xO, Nina

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